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  Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upload my profile picture to have access to all the features?

STY made it obligatory for a user to upload a profile photo to have access to all the features of the website.

All the users that are active are visible to all the website guests and users and users without profile picture are considered to be bots. With that STY confirms once more to have strict anti spam policy and proves to have only real users.

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I registered but my account is not active

STY began to review each application to avoid spamming registrations.

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Can multiple users register on this website using one IP?

No, STY limits registrations of users that share one IP.  An IP user has during registration is the attached only to one user and no other user can register using this IP. We need that to avoid spamming registrations.

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What is minimal payout?

Minimal payout is 5 USD. You can request your payout via wallets in our Request Payout form in Earning profile of  a user.

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How to place an ad on a website

To place an ad on STY website, you need to visit our For Advertisers page and place your order.
The prices are:

Business Listing – 1.5 USD/day

Business Listing with picture gallery – 3 USD/day

Banners and promo tools (featured ad, deal of the day, featured discounts and promos) – 3 USD/day

Item in our STY Online Shop – 3 USD/day

Newsletters – 3 USD/day

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Can I withdraw my money earlier than indicated in my Investment package?

advertising and investment

When you purchase the package, it includes:

Your Interest

Time duration

You cannot withdraw your money before the time indicated in your package.

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When can I withdraw my money from my Referral program?

You can withdraw your referral income twice a week: on Tuesday and on Friday

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What is Global Advertising

Global Advertising gives all our users the opportunity to publish their business online. We have banner advertising, online shop, newsletters and business directory.

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Are Global advertising services free?

No, they are not. But the prices we offer are affordable for every budget. The prices are given in our Pricing section.

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What payment methods are used in Global Advertising?

We use Paypal, Payeer, Cryptopay, and Advcash wallets.

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