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France to be added...

Many of the 160,000 Britons in France face a scramble to return before 04:00 BST on Saturday.

BBC News | 14 Aug, 2020
'Widespread torture' against Belarus...

Detainees emerge from a notorious centre alleging beatings as protests against Sunday's vote continue.

BBC News | 14 Aug, 2020
New Zealand extends Auckland...

The country went 102 days without community transmission, but now has a cluster of 29 cases.

BBC News | 14 Aug, 2020
Coronavirus: New UK quarantine...

People coming to the UK from France, the Netherlands and several other countries must self-isolate for two weeks...

BBC News | 14 Aug, 2020
US 'foils' militant cryptocurrency...

The US government seizes millions from the Islamic State group, al-Qaeda and the armed wing of Hamas.

BBC News | 14 Aug, 2020
Yale 'discriminates' against whites...

The Ivy League university denied that its admissions process breached Supreme Court rulings.

BBC News | 14 Aug, 2020
Rise in threats against...

The threats follow a number of security incidents targeting Canadian federal officials.

BBC News | 13 Aug, 2020
"We walked into a...

A photo of the crowded school hallway went viral, and since then nine people have tested positive.

BBC News | 13 Aug, 2020
Trump amplifies Kamala Harris...

The president argues the fringe legal theory was put forward by a "highly qualified" lawyer.

BBC News | 13 Aug, 2020
Trump blocks postal funds...

The Postal Service requires emergency funds to cope with the pandemic and the election, Democrats say.

BBC News | 13 Aug, 2020
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