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  Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn more Success Coins?

We have a Success coins invest program. Invest the Success coins that are on your balance for the huge interest rate: 242% for 50 days.


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How can I use my Success coins?

Success coins can be used only for advertising purposes on our website. You choose between various advertising methods on our website and after ensuring that you have enough Success coins on your balance, you will need to fill the form. 

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Where can I see my Success coins balance history?

Success coins balance history is located in the main menu of your Earning Profile. 

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How to place an ad on a website

To place an ad on STY website, you need to have enough Success coins on your balance.

The prices are:

Business Listing – 1 Success Coin/day

Business Listing with picture gallery – 2 Success Coins/day

Banners and promo tools (featured ad, deal of the day, featured discounts and promos) – 2 Success Coins/day

Item in our STY Online Shop – 2 Success Coins/day

If you have enough Success Coins on your balance, please fill the form.

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Can I withdraw my money earlier than indicated in my Investment package?

advertising and investment

When you purchase the package, it includes:

Your Interest

Time duration

You cannot withdraw your money before the time indicated in your package.

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When can I withdraw my money from my Referral program?

You can withdraw your referral income twice a week: on Tuesday and on Friday

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What is Success coin?

Success coin Success coin is a payment method a user can use to pay for our advertising services. 

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What is the exchange rate of Success coins?

The exchange rate is: 1 Success Coin = 3.5 USD

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How can I buy Success coin?

Success coin can be bought straight from the earning profile page of a user. 

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What is Global Advertising

Global Advertising gives all our users the opportunity to publish their business online. We have banner advertising and business directory.


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Are Global advertising services free?

No, they are not. But the prices we offer are affordable for every budget. The prices are given in our Pricing section.

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What payment methods are used in Global Advertising?

We use Paypal, Payeer, Cryptopay, Advcash and PayPal wallets.

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