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Life is good! Luckily, we are granted many opportunities to celebrate. Light Up Your Special Occasions with our customized premium cigars.

Take your favorite brand of premium cigars and now imagine it personalized at the cigar factory where it is made and then sent direct to you. We only customize the best brands in the world! Our focus is a corona size or similar. We find this to be the best option for buyers looking to gift a cigar that isn’t too large or too small. Plus it gives us the best “printable area” for your personalization.

At we hand pick your specially selected premium brand cigars from reserved “extra-aged” batches at factory cedar rooms, individually package them with your customization and ship direct to your doorstep. Not an easy task, but if it were our product wouldn’t be as unique. We guarantee every cigar to be factory fresh. Priceless! – Premium Handmade Cigars – Factory Fresh!

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